Who Are We

We are the Movie Monstarz. The Movie Monstarz are both Independent Filmmakers and advocates of change in the City of Camden. We are all avid artists and builders of our community. Collectively we create projects designed to preserve and sustain our community. We are all passionate about our current project, titled the Black Film Project.  

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Our collective vision for the Black Film Project is to utilize black cinema to encourage restoration and healing in our community. To challenge stigmas and influence others to conquer their traumas and rise above any obstacle or circumstance. This is what brought us, creators, together and drove us to produce this film. We want our audience to be moved by the resilience of our characters and to be inspired never to forfeit their purposes.


The movie will be filmed in Camden, NJ, as an authentic story representing the city in a positive light while showcasing the talent and artistry within the city. The end goal is to shine like Philly and New York as we have just as much as they do, we are rewriting the narrative, and this is the New Story: Great People Live in Camden, and Big Things Happens Here too.

Why Should You Support Us 

We are all responsible for the stories told about us, and it certainly takes a village to change the narrative. Having your support and participation will help and allow us to produce a black film and uplift our city with a story that is for us and by us. If you are someone who wishes you could do something to help with the rehabilitation for any urban community this is a start. By supporting the making of this film you help us bring a classic to the city of Camden.

You help us!